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 tuscany village rest..>2014-10-27 11:03 9.6M 
 timothys landing res..>2014-10-27 11:03 2.1M 
 timber run restricti..>2014-10-27 11:03 19M 
 timbercreek restrict..>2014-10-27 11:03 6.8M 
 tiffany by the sea r..>2014-10-27 11:03 1.6M 
 tidewater TC Restric..>2014-10-27 11:03 16M 
 the venetian restric..>2014-10-27 11:03 7.2M 
 the reserve at wynnf..>2014-10-27 11:03 14M 
 the palms at marsh l..>2014-10-27 11:03 19M 
 the overlook restric..>2014-10-27 11:03 5.3M 
 the meadows at st jo..>2014-10-27 11:03 8.1M 
 the gables restricti..>2014-10-27 11:02 2.8M 
 the estuaries condom..>2014-10-27 11:02 7.3M 
 summer point restric..>2014-10-27 11:02 10M 
 stonefield at bartra..>2014-10-27 11:02 4.8M 
 spencers plantation ..>2014-10-27 11:02 1.9M 
 southern grove restr..>2014-10-27 11:02 7.6M 
 south chase restrict..>2014-10-27 11:02 1.2M 
 sonoma southside res..>2014-10-27 11:02 19M 
 solano woods restric..>2014-10-27 11:02 1.4M 
 silver creek restric..>2014-10-27 11:02 312K 
 silver creek (southb..>2014-10-27 11:02 3.2M 
 sevilla restrictions..>2014-10-27 11:02 10M 
 sea grove restrictio..>2014-10-27 11:02 9.6M 
 saw grass player clu..>2014-10-27 11:02 908K 
 san sebastian harbor..>2014-10-27 11:02 342K 
 salt air restriction..>2014-10-27 11:02 419K 
 saddlewood restricti..>2014-10-27 11:02 646K